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It's great to be living here and now: in 2012. Here, we have instant access to voluminous information about how to lose weight. Information about how to eat, what to eat, when to eat, as well as specifics on how and when to exercise.

This electronically-delivered information is available through health and fitness sites, weight loss blogs, and paid online membership programs; they come in the form of fat loss ebooks, dietary course material, detailed meal plans, calorie & carb counting software, and fitness apps for our smart phones and tablet devices.

Below, we show several of the claims made by some fat loss guides currently available for download on the Internet. We won't attempt to prove or disprove any of these claims scientifically. We understand that there is always controversy about different weight loss methods, in addition to considerable consistency among the different guides, along with the traditionally expected hyperbole.

Most of the guides operate on one or more of the premises shown in the the text on the left. Basically, these are combinations of exercises and diets for losing body fat. Naturally, each guide concludes that it has the best and most permanent solution for you to lose body fat. One of these solutions will be better for you than the others.

What we will do on each page is to highlight the factors of a particular approach that may make sense for a particular person's situation, for example, age, economic circumstances, time constraints, or current physical condition.

If the premises or conclusions of any particular guide appear to be bogus or overly hyped, we don't hesitate to point it out.

We welcome input from anyone who has used any of these programs and wants to share their experience. Please contact the staff with your views.

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